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Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes

gluten free - dairy free - soy free - nut free - refined sugar free!

This recipe was adapted from one I found on Pinterest, so you can thank for their work first. My version of these fluffy blueberry pancakes uses what I had on hand and still results in really great fluffy pancakes.

Wet Ingredients:

1/2c olive oil

3/4c dairy free milk (I used this one)

4oz sweetened condensed coconut milk (I used this one)

2 eggs (My egg-dealer is a local farmer, so I get and use a variety of chicken and duck eggs.)

2 tsp vanilla extract (I use a homemade extract, but you can use any. If you've not tried to make your own, it's ridiculously easy! Give it a try!)

Dry Ingredients:

2c gluten free 1-1 flour (I use bob's red mill)

4 tsps of gluten free baking powder (yes, four)

1 tsp salt


1c fresh or frozen blueberries. (I use frozen, but warm them up and throw the juice in too)

  1. Mix all the wet ingredients together with a mixer or by hand. The batter will eventually be pretty thick, so I use my mixer. Mix well, and if possible, whip (mix fast- not whisk) the batter so lots of bubble develop into it.

  2. Once those are mixed well, add in the dry ingredients. I usually do 1/2c flour, then one tsp of baking powder, and alternate until all the flour, salt and baking powder is in.

  3. After it's all well mixed together, stir in the warmed up blueberries and their juice. The batter should be good and thick. I use a 3tbs ice cream scooper to place the pancakes on my griddle so that they are all the same size.

  4. Now, these are not like normal pancakes. The sugars from the condensed coconut milk will allow these to burn easily, but if you can keep the heat low and slow, it will produce the most delicious golden crust on these pancakes. Low and slow is the name of this game; I rarely turn my griddle pan up higher than the stovetop's "3" setting. Other than going slowly, you can just cook them like normal pancakes!

If you have the patience, they are so delicious.

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Pinterest graphic for fluffy blueberry pancakes
Pinterest graphic for fluffy blueberry pancakes
Pinterest graphic for fluffy blueberry pancakes


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